Christabean was born Christine Amelia Berger in Oakland, California, on the very day that Alfred Hitchcock died, which was April 29th, 1980. She grew up in the Seattle and Berkeley areas and along the way managed to spend a lot of time taking art classes. She holds Associate degrees in Fine Arts and Landscape Design from the College of Marin, in Kentfield, where she mostly learned about sculpting (bronze, ceramic), jewelry design, photography, and gardens. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication and Presentation (Design) from the University of California at Davis, where she mostly learned about textiles, graphic design, and mixed media installations. She has also studied ethnobotany/herbalism, music, the culinary arts, and most of the other things that interest her. Some of her favorite things include animals/pets, trains, travel, the color orange, duct tape, rhinestones, glassware, toy cars, music, film, cartoons, and specific people.

Christabean currently resides in San Luis Obispo, California, with a boy, a dog, some cats, some birds, and a fish.

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